Dave Bremner’s music has brought joy to audiences far and wide. The Scotland native recently released a nice collection of his early songs in an EP entitled, Tigers and Dragons. Bremner’s talent as a singer and songwriter shines throughout the whole project.

Tigers and Dragons is Bremner’s unique treasure chest of musical genius. The EP possesses the signature “grown man” sound that Bremner is noted for delivering. Combining elements of blues, country, folk, and rock turned out to be a big boost to Tiger and Dragons’ continuity. Reason To Live is an excellent tune with some very crafty arrangements and a wonderful vocal from Bremner. Hey Jo is another album sparkler! Not only is it one of the best tunes on the EP but brandishes an intricate theme about helping a Facebook friend.

Singer and songwriter – Dave Bremner

Thanks to producer Niall Mathieson for his input, preparatory skills, and support in helping make this EP  a delightful snack for true music lovers. Overall, Bremner’s Tigers and Dragons has proved to be the perfect mechanism of melodies that leave us wanting more.

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