Band of the Hawk is on an unstoppable mission to make Hip Hop own up to all that it can be by producing a relentless string of good music. The multi-talented producer and rapper from Houston, Band of the Hawk a.k.a. Noah Archangel, leads a collective of talented artists that fall under a distinguished banner of all or nothing. (Readers are encouraged to checkout my review of the Band of the Hawk’s BOHUP album.)

Known for a memorable flavor of hard-spitting rap bravado, Band of the Hawk comes with that colorful swag in a track, entitled, Black Lotus by Noah Archangel feat: Yeaux Majesty, Juskwam, and DJ Thruvo. The song has all the essentials needed for rewind button addiction. I was impressed with the track’s smooth groove and fierce lyricism. It’s kind of a “calling out the frauds in the game” type song without wasting time on names. Noah Archangel’s Black Lotus presents a glimpse of rap’s future with a talented crew that is effortlessly on the same page.


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