Black water by Thomas Abban

When it comes to originality no one keeps the heads of the music world turning like singer and songwriter Thomas Abban. Still in his early 20’s, the Minnesota native presents a vision that is both abstract and healing to the soul. His 2017 debut album, A Sheik’s Legacy, is catching accolades from every direction.

Black water by Thomas Abban

At a glance, some have compared his style to Prince or Jimi Hendrix, but Abban is too much into his own thing to be in someone else’s thing as a means of being himself. No disrespect intended, it’s just that Abban comes with his own unique flavor of musical magic that is too good not to be appreciated as a work of genius.

Abban’s latest single, Black Water, reveals his artistic depth and introspective view of life as the world’s only bigger picture. Black Water turns out to be the “must have” song of the year. It’s opening lead of an acoustic guitar melody that branches off into its own genre is poetic enough to be remembered in the experience of love and listening at first sight. This song is uniquely composed and has very warm sound. Abban is able to hold his own with just a guitar and vocals. The track has a colorful bridge, which includes a fill of drum and organ instrumentation, somewhat reminiscent of a soulful rock track. Black Water proves that life is like a bottle of fine wine. Thomas Abban has just opened the door to a new era of music.


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