Sexual Allegations Or Donald Trump's Greatest Weapon Against His Opponents In The News Media?

Different from the Hillary Clinton body count, President Trump entered office with an American Flag and a referee screaming foul ball on a media that enjoys controversy. “Coincidentally,” during a time when talks of Trump’s relationship with Russia begin to heat up, still on page two of every newspaper and purposely never make the front page, we find in the headlines a slew of Trump’s greatest media opponents being accused of sexual assault and harassment. Is this a sign that President Trump is finally getting revenge on the media?

Sexual Allegations Or Donald Trump’s Greatest Weapon Against His Opponents In The News Media?

it’s unfortunate that most Americans are still not aware of the workings of the underworld that lies beneath their feet. if you have the money you can buy sexual allegations on the “black market” in the same manner that an Instagram user can buy followers. Of course, sexual allegations bought on the black market will never hold up in court, but the damage is done. Someone loses their job and can never be called as a witness in any case because their character has been damaged beyond repair. Character assassination is not one of the I.R.A.’s concerns. Well, below is a list of a few of those recently accused of sexual allegations and their relationship with America’s Commander-in-Chief.


Russell Simmons steps down from his companies due to sexual allegations, a mere two months after he told President Donald Trump to ‘wake the f–k up’

Russell Simmons: Entrepreneur and co-founder of Def Jam Recordings. Simmons was highly esteemed for his business and mentoring skills, tutoring many famous recording artists.

Remarks about President Donald Trump: August 18th 2017 – The New York Daily News published an open letter from Russell Simmons to Donald Trump. In the letter, Simmons recalls experiences that he shared with a “nicer” Donald Trump and concludes the letter by telling President Trump to “wake the f—k up!”

Aftermath: On November 30th 2017, nearly four months after writing an open letter to President Trump, Simmons is reportedly “leaving his various businesses after being accused of sexual assault by Jenney Lumet, the daughter of director and screen writer Sidney Lumet.”

Analysis of Russell Simmons’ Character Assassination Under The Trump Administration: 100% accurate. After leading an industry of “gangsta” hip hop artists, Simmons’ demise came when letting his guard down around political “gangstas.”  If Trump was a guest in your home and ignores your phone calls, perhaps your one-time friend has a change of heart after all.


New York Times reporter, Glenn Thrush, went from landing a deal to write a book, criticizing Trump, to getting suspended from his job for sexual misconduct, all within two months.


Glenn Thrush: New York Times White House Reporter

Remarks about President Donald Trump: Glenn Thrush has been very vocal in his criticisms directed towards President Donald Trump. In September 2017 it was announced that Random House would be publishing a book written by Glenn Thrush, along with reporter Maggie Haberman, about President Donald Trump and the hypocrisies of his administration. The book is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2018. Thrush also spearheaded the news of Trump’s reluctant criticisms of white supremacists in the wake of the Charlottesville incident. Yes, that’s reporter Glenn Thrush.

Aftermath: The New York Times announced on November 20th nearly two months after his book deal that reporter Glenn Thrush has been suspended for sexual misconduct.

Analysis of Glenn Thrush’s Character Assassination Under The Trump Administration: Bullseye! While Thrush normally goes in on politicians, his safety net as a news reporter under Trump’s America has reached its demise, as the emergence of a government controlled news becomes more of a reality.



A John Lasseter led Pixar was praised nearly a year ago for its upcoming release of its “anti-Trump” Coco. Now days before the release of the film, Lasseter “coincidentally” takes a leave of absence.


John Lasseter: Disney and Pixar Animation Chief

Remarks about President Donald Trump: While President Trump’s controversy and fame grew over his statements concerning Mexico, the media praised a John Lasseter led Pixar for its ‘first original story under Trump’s administration as ‘a love letter to Mexico.’ Basically, Pixar announced an upcoming release of the movie Coco. According to GMA News Online, we read:

“Coco” will hit US theaters some 12 months after Donald Trump’s November 8 election victory on an anti-immigration ticket that enflamed Hispanic communities across America.

It has been hailed as a welcome corrective to a divisive presidential campaign in which Trump called many Mexican immigrants rapists and vowed to build a wall between the United States and its southern neighbor.”

Aftermath: “Just as the Disney-Pixar movie “Coco” began its Tuesday night previews, news broke that animation guru John Lasseter would be taking a six-month leave over allegations of inappropriate behavior toward women. “  – Variety Magazine

Analysis of John Lasseter’s Character Assassination Under The Trump Administration: Bullseye! Lasseter is being made an example of in the wake of an emerging government controlled film industry.

Once again the wool is being pulled over the eyes of an American public that can’t keep their faces out of their cell phones long enough to get the facts. The sexual allegations’ card is a bit more powerful than the race card, though both are being used by external forces to install a new form of government in America while our protective agencies are left powerless. I mean let’s face it, a shank held by “Gollum-looking” Congressman Mitch McConnell isn’t enough to protect our democracy from the subtle influences of foreign powers!

Sexuality is an effective diversion over conversations about net neutrality in Christian America. We need strong men and women who won’t fall victim to the hypnotic rhetoric of “protecting our freedom” in a historical environment of blatant discrimination to come forward. Being the greatest country in the world in the wake of a dying humanity is a path for losers. I am in no way condoning sexual misconduct, but am aware enough to know when the hoaxes are being mixed in with the realities of true crimes against humanity injustice can easily be hidden.

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