Leah Capelle's new single, Docs, deserves nothing less than a cult following.

Back in September 2017, I had the honor of reviewing Leah Capelle’s single, Better Off (Leah Capelle Holds Nothing Back On The Single – Better Off). Writing this review really got me in tune with the music of this beautiful songstress that is both organic and heartfelt. Capelle is an award-winning singer and songwriter from Chicago. Her interest in the musical arts started as a youth and has blossomed into a passionate lotus flower of artistic genius.

Leah Capelle’s new single Docs is so beautifully cool

Today, a Los Angles based Capelle comes clean with her latest offering, “Docs.” Capelle’s honesty is the foundation of her songwriting talent. Through the medium of song, listeners will find Docs to be an enjoyable track, largely because we hear Capelle speaking her mind in the lyrics. The steady guitar rhythms and Capelle’s voice make for an enchanting journey into a dream of self-discovery that is true to the art of Americana rock music. Docs’ theme is simple but deep. As Capelle sings, “I just want to be someone other than me,” we get to see a little bit of ourselves in the mirror of song and the shared goals of happiness and prosperity. As she paints her reality with musical notes, Docs becomes a step in what is turning out to be a wonderful Leah Capelle legacy – Docs!


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