The Sign of Watatsumi Year 18,004 Begins: December 14th 2016

There are eight months in the Calendar of Mu, sometimes referred to as the Nyarzirian Calendar. Each month consists of forty-five days, and represents a system of the eight hexagrams moving through the […]

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How To Live A Post-Simon Necronomicon Life Part 2: Breaking the Chaldean Covenant, The Watcher, & Shinto

Between the years 2008 to 2011, the occult world witnessed an unprecedented rise in the interest and workings of the Necronomicon by Simon. It was reminiscent of the Beatles’ Revolver […]

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Why So Many Try and Fail at Self-Initiation Into The Necronomicon Tradition?

It is during the newborn phase of the “tradition” that a potential initiate tries to discover all what they can about the said Necronomicon Tradition. Naively, they will search out […]

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