Based out of Utah, the phenomenal alternative rock trio called the Halogyns are bursting onto the music scene with a fresh and vibrant sound. Comprised of members Kamry Thelin, Dana Fontaine, and Mari Ericksen, this all-girl band displays a remarkable ambition for song. Although the Halogyns were formed a little bit more than a year ago, the three teens perform as if they have been playing together for years. The Halogyns’ new single titled Human Nature is a charming expression of the group’s creativity and talent.

Human Nature is the title track from the Halogyns’ new EP, which was released on May 31st, 2019. The song has a very nostalgic feel and impressive structure. The track opens with a lovely electric guitar strum, which is followed by an affectionate lead vocal that paints a picture of the human psyche through poetic lyricism. This highly-produced single has a melody that is easy to fall in love with and a message that acts as a mirror for all who love great music. Human Nature by the Halogyns is truly a memorable experience.


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