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Runaway Blues by Jarel Portman: The Wakeup Call That The Rock Music Needs

Singer and songwriter Jarel Portman brings a reach and refreshing sound to the world of music. Portman cultured approach to music was largely influenced by his childhood experiences, having been raised between two coasts. As a son of an architect, Portman inherited the creative skill of making imaginative thoughts accessible to people through music. Portman’s sound is rich with experiences that people can easily enjoy.

Released in 2017, Portman’s first album “Supersonic” has received numerous accolades, even making the NACC Top 30. Runaway Blues, Portman’s newest single from the Supersonic album, is an incredible effort that exemplifies the beauty of rock music.

True rockers will find Runaway Blues a refreshing relief from the gimmicks. Personally, I was blown away by the craftsmanship of Runaway Blues. The track features an incredible lead guitar that really opens the highways of the mind. The song’s theme carries overtones of a disgruntled relationship. Portman’s voice hugs the music, which works as fuel for Runway Blues’ organic sound. Overall, Runaway Blues by Jarel Portman is that wakeup call that rock music needs.

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