Over the past few years, Keenan Booker a.k.a. The God 720 has painted his own brand of philosophy and magical prose across the minds of aristocrats and hoodlums alike. Back in 2014, The God 720 was said to be one of the most dangerous minds in the world. As a true Renaissance man of our modern era, The God 720 artistic prosperity can be witnessed from the works his has authored like, Kick Out of Heaven Volume I, Kicked Out of Heaven Volume II, and The Black Man’s Bible, the albums he has produced such as The Onyx Tablet, Negro Please, and The Money Religion.

2018 Man of the Year: Keenan Booker a.k.a The God 720

The God 720’s work is not only limited to his artistic expressions and contributions as an author, but also on his accomplishments as a humanitarian. The God 720 founded his on religion based on the studies of economics and financial empowerment. He is active in his community and has worked intensely with the prison system.

The God 720 is a father, mentor, and friend to all who aspire to improve themselves and human society. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Keenan Booker a.k.a. The God 720 as the Warlock Asylum International News 2018 Man of the Year. Congratulations!


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