Originally from Italy, Frank Fois is an amazing singer and songwriter whose musical journey begins in early childhood. He started playing guitar at the tender age of three. Since this time, Fois’ career as a blues guitarist and musician has blossomed remarkably. In 2018, Fois shared his music with audiences throughout the United States in what is known as the Revolutionary Tour, which included performances in Miami, New Orleans, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles. Afterward, Fois released his latest single Deep Inside.

Recorded in Los Angeles by Jay P, Deep Inside is an electrifying song that embodies Fois’ musical genius. Upon listening to the track, I am reminded of the legendary psychedelic stringed-man Jimi Hendrix and his monstrous tune Purple Haze. Deep Inside carries a similar instrumental depth, but with more pop music appeal. Fois rides Deep Inside with a spectacular vocal performance that puts this song in the hands of the perfectly executed musical compositions to date, which is something that deserves applause.

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