Released by Captain Crook Records, Neon War Paint’s new album Panic is a treasure chest of delights made perfect for hardcore rock music purists. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Neon War Paint is a progressive post-apocalyptic rock duo, which consists of siblings Nathaniel Sutton and Nicholas Sutton. The group’s nostalgic sound has much to do with their eclectic approach to music. Neon War Paint forms musical landscapes in the same manner that a painter creates images. Their new album Panic is a testimony of Neon War Paint’s sonic genius.

Panic is composed of eight ear-bending tunes. Beginning with the rugged sounds of the opening track Firefly, Neon War Paint constructs a transcendental journey for its audience with psychedelic guitar riffs, heavenly harmonies, and garage-styled instrumentation. Every song opens a window to a new dimension, wherein each track adds to the album’s depth. Lyrically, Panic is filled with compelling themes that are both introspective and some that serve as social commentaries. The album carries many pillars of continuity. Tracks like Internal Countdown and Armoured Caribou standout for their melodic innovation and intensity. Downward Spiral is a strong song that embellishes the hazy moods of the Panic album, as the video for the song captures. The modes of inspiration set by Neon War Paint with the Panic album is both contagious and more than enough to keep sound quality enthusiasts addicted to the rewind button. Bravo!

Panic by Neon War Paint (Bandcamp)

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