Nine Beats Collective is an international tribe of spiritually minded artists of various genres, who are putting their talents to use in order to create a better world. Though a transcendental concept, Nine Beats Collective has successfully been able to become a catalyst for free expression in their demonstration that includes a thought tank, which has spread across three continents. You would think that a collective of such proportions would have difficulty implementing their goals. On the contrary, Nine Beats Collective is doing what they do best in unison. Their latest single titled Call ‘Em Out is a brilliant testimony of this well-oiled machine.

Call ‘Em Out is an urban tune that features the spoken word talents of Eric Leroy Wilson. The music is dynamic and while free verse poetry is often recited over jazz grooves, it is quite refreshing to see that Nine Beats Collective have taken the path of unpredictability with a melodic, but hard-edged beat. Call ‘Em Out is everything about how we feel and the effects that our emotional and mental disposition have upon our reality and personal experience. Call ‘Em Out by Nine Beats Collective is the perfect reminder of every human being’s responsibility to themselves and the world.

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