Originally from Northern Ireland, singer and songwriter MARKK is on the road to becoming a household name. MARKK’s interest in music began at an early age. As a youth, he taught himself how to play guitar while steadily becoming involved in several music genres, including rock, metal, soul, and RnB. MARKK’s ambition would eventually lead him down a path of live performances, music videos, and starting his own band, all of which would culminate in creating a young music veteran. MARKK’s new single Dirty Mouth is a fine testimony of his creative genius.

Dirty Mouth by MARKK is an impressive offering that is both soulful and enchanting. Musically, Dirty Mouth immediately captures our attention with its fashionable instrumentation and R&B overtones. MARKK delivers a wondrous, yet soulful vocal that works like a paintbrush upon the canvas of the listeners’ imagination. Not only is Dirty Mouth a tasteful expression of MARKK’s potential, it provides us we the faith needed for raw talent to survive.

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