Lyricist, poet, and rapper, Eskatology is passionate Hip Hop artist from Australia with an ever-growing following. It is with deep respect for his indigenous roots that Eskatology uses music as a vehicle to create political and spiritual awareness. He began writing at the age of twelve. Gradually his hard work has paid off. Eskatology has also shared a stage with artists such as, Brethren, Chance waters, Nje, , and international superstar Xzibit, and Relic Plus ghetto Socks (CAN). The depth of Eskatology’s expertise can be experienced in his recent album Reality Check.

Reality Check by Eskatology (Bandcamp)

Reality Check is a full-length rap album. Consisting of fifteen tracks, Eskatology offers up a serving that captures the mind of the listener with themes of improving our lot in life. One refreshing thing about Reality Check can be found in its range of original ideas. Each track is its own dimension while melting into another. The music and production are strong and allow Eskatology the range he needs to express himself freely. Listeners will find Reality Check’s organic sound delightful and a refreshing break from tasteless gimmicks.

Eskatology’s flow and lyrical content are the weight of this album. Reality Check opens with amazing track titled Access Is Denied, a mirror that reveals how we relate to the world around us. Other gems that really shine forth on this album are Her Majesty, which analyzes the illusions of global racial structure. Boulevard of Dreams is bursting with inspiration and encourages listeners with the spirit of achievement. I am We really brandishes Eskatology’s distinct voice and skill as a rapper. Overall, Reality Chick is a Hip Hop classic. Eskatology brilliantly is able paint a dose of reality that promotes change in a positive way!

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