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Aybüke Poçan Makes Her Mark With The Debut Album – Dedim Merhaba

Aybüke Poçan’s new album – Dedim Merhaba (I said hello) is a winner!

Aybüke Poçan is a beautiful singer and songwriter, whose interest in music began early in her youth. Born in 1997 in Istanbul, Poçan started playing guitar at age 11. During high school Aybüke began singing and started attracting followers with cover works that she shared on digital platforms.  Aybüke’s ambition and raw talent has culminated in the release of her debut album, Dedim Merhaba, which translates in English to “I said Hello.”

Released on Piva Music, Dedim Merhaba is a solid album that cleverly reveals Aybüke’s musical expertise. The album consists of eight tracks, much of which was composed by Aybüke herself, and brandishes a rich organic sound that has the potential of catching global attention.

After one year of preparation for the album instruments recorded at Studio, vocals recorded at Nym Studio in Istanbul and arranged by Barış Native.  The album is produced by radio host, Aytuğ Çakır. Album cover art is illustrated by famous musician and illustrator Nilipek.