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Idealism Creates A Musical Treasure Chest: No Mind EP

Hailing from Connecticut, singer and songwriter B. Adkins a. k. a. Idealism has gained a respectful following for his musical ingenuity and innovative concepts as an artist. Idealism’s expression of musical prose is a perfect representation of how diverse ambient music can be. His latest work titled No Mind is an EP consisting of four tracks that stand as witnesses of Idealism’s craftsmanship of song.

Went Somewhere is the first track on the No Mind EP. This opening composition immediately transports the listener to an alternate reality. It starts with an overcast of hazy keys that sets the stage for Idealism’s delightful, but unorthodox vocals in song. The amazing thing is how simply Went Somewhere actually takes us to a place where the sounds of electronic music are flowing like read wine.

Close The Mind starts with a nice keyboard that brilliantly seduces us with its raw dialogue. Vocally, this is one of my favorites on the EP. Close The Mind makes good use of atmospheric sounds and an enchanting drum pattern.

Being True is a beautiful song that begins with a much brighter lead than some of the other material appearing on the No Mind EP. The vocals are great on this track, which surprisingly turns out to be a duet. Although this song is consistent with much of the EP’s material, it effectively catches our attention with its multi-genre sound.

Idealism sums up the No Mind experience with Inside/Outside. This is a track that really marks the depth of Idealism’s skill as a producer. Inside/Outside comes with its fair share of musical gems and surprises. Listeners will enjoy many of Inside/Outside’s transitions and groovy drum programming. Inside/Outside the track puts the finishing touches on a winner EP.

Idealism Music – A master at work.

Overall, the No Mind EP by Idealism is a masterpiece. It’s a refreshing change from atmospheric music that is musically overdone. Instead, we not only find an intelligent approach to No Mind’s production, but also its content and instrumentation. The No Mind EP scores big because of its organic foundation that makes Idealism’s latest offering a treasure among music lovers.