2018 Martial Artist of the Year: Kerwin Halim Rodriguez

Sensei Kerwin Halim Rodriguez is a faithful pioneer of Rinkiohen-Do and a respected martial artist with over thirty-years experience. Sensei Rodriguez’s expertise and martial arts experience has made him a valuable mentor and brother in the craft. With the aims of creating awareness about the value of fitness, physical training, and bodily mechanics, Sensei Rodriguez founded the Green Lion Martial Arts Academy.

2018 Martial Artist of the Year: Kerwin Halim Rodriguez

Sensei Rodriguez is not only an educator and expert about martial arts physical effects and benefits, but takes great responsibility in the development of its invisible sciences. His esoteric knowledge has been a great aid to both martial artists and spiritualists. One remarkable quality that Sensei Rodriguez is often noted for is his giving heart and no-nonsense approach to martial arts, all of which he uses in giving a balanced perspective to his family, friends, and students. Your work is deeply appreciated. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Kerwin Halim Rodriguez as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2018 Martial Artist of the Year Award! Congratulations!

2 thoughts on “2018 Martial Artist of the Year: Kerwin Halim Rodriguez

  1. Congratulations Mr. Rodriguez!

  2. Congratulations! As a student and friend, I will say Sensei Halim’s Martial Style of Rinkiohen-Do has improved the quality of not only my physical abilities but my awareness of internal realities, thus being a great tool of self-realization and, last but not least, Effortless Power.

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