California-based producer Michael Herrick is cultivating an ever-growing fan base and a true organic sound. While Herrick’s musical tastes are spread across many genres his love for jazz music’s depth and structure has given him masterful insight into production. Herrick’s latest release, entitled, Give Me You feat. Lachi is a testimony of his expertise.

Give Me You is a polished diamond from the duo efforts of Michael Herrick and songstress Lachi. Coincidentally, the two met online and decided to work together because of their shared affinity for jazz music. Impressively, Lachi is no stranger to the music industry. She has been featured on numerous EDM tracks, including songs with rap legends like Snoop Dogg and Styles P. Lachi has an incredible voice with a charming heart that shines through her work. Give Me You is nothing short of an EDM classic.

First, I must say that this is one of the most enjoyable reviews that I’ve ever written simply because of the tremendous job that Michael Herrick has done as a producer. Give Me You appears to be a fusion of several genres, Dance, EDM, Jazz, and R&B. Herrick is able to make the song sparkle with a bright and jazzy keyboard riff, coupled with synth sounds, voice samples, and an amazing drum pattern to put listeners in a bright place. Lachi puts the icing on the cake with spectacular vocals in song, something truly memorable.

Lachi has all the room that she needs to carry the song. Her vocals sound like a true expression of how free she feels on the track. Listeners will find Give Me You by Michael Herrick (featuring Lachi) to be an incredible track that is both enchanting and a blessed reminder of how good music can be!

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