Lifetime musician and songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick comes with his own brand of freestyle-folk music that is in a class by itself. Kendrick’s ingenuity as an artist developed from the advice given to him by multi-Grammy winner Country Western legend “Uncle” Roger Miller during his teenage years. Kendrick often jammed with the country music legend when Miller came to town to visit family. Since this time, Kendrick’s popularity has grown along with his musical expertise. Kendrick’s latest release titled Texas Paintbrush is a wonderful testimony of his melodic inventiveness.

Texas Paintbrush is a full-length album with eleven dynamic tracks. This album represents the first of a trilogy called “Texas Series,” which is to be followed by Texas Sagebrush (currently in production) and lastly, Texas Cactus. As the only son of Texas ranch-family parents, this series carries the depth of personal experiences.

Texas Paintbrush – Track by Track Review

One Way To Del Rio is the opening track on Texas Paintbrush. It’s a catchy tune that brandishes Kendrick’s organic approach to his craft. Its led by the rhythms of acoustic guitar and lyrics that take the listener to the road. One Way To Del Rio is a great song. Where The Wind Blows is a soulful folk offering that highlights Kendrick’s skill as a songwriter. Added to the depth of the track is backing female vocals that make this recipe a favorite.

Stand By Me is a song that was made famous by Ben E. King during the 1960’s. It was written in 1905 gospel hymn written by the Philadelphia minister Charles Albert Tindley. Kendrick’s version of Stand By Me is impressive with its chart-topping potential. Kendrick really makes this song his own in a picture perfect performance.

Promise of Love is a dreamy love song with folk overtones. Simple in its conception, Promise of Love goes well with a candlelit dinner. Misty follows the theme of love. Misty has a very attractive arrangement of acoustic guitar and one of Kendrick’s best vocal performances on he album.

Eternal Flame is a nice duet. Performed live, Kendrick is able to come into his own. I Don’t Want To Go Home is one of the hidden gems on the album. Uniquely, its instrumentation includes electric guitar. Kiss Goodbye has a gently poetic scheme. Kendrick advises us to “kiss our tears goodbye.”

Kendrick sends us a vision of beauty in the song Canyon Hymn. This track is able to reach our hearts without voice. As one of the few instrumentals on Texas Paintbrush, Canyon Hymn is a winner because Kendrick is able to make his guitar sing.

I’m in Love is another live track that features a female vocalist. Definitely one of the best live performances I’ve heard thus far. As the final track on the Texas Paintbrush album, Kendrick leaves things on a happy note with a melody about a visit from an old friend on Hello Again.

Overall, Texas Paintbrush by Ranzel X Kendrick is a flawless work that is easily one of this year’s best albums. Not only is Kendrick’s performance very skilful, but he has a peculiar knack of sounding like he is right next to you with guitar in hand on each and every track – a certified masterpiece!

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