Recently, I had the opportunity to get to learn about the work of the highly-talented husband and wife duo Woven Green during my review of their single Breaking Free. Based out of Virginia, Jim and Ashley Cash have built a very inspiring catalog of music. Both Jim and Ashley Cash are multi-instrumentalists and imbue every song with a part of their souls. Their new song Lift It Up is a testimony of Woven Green’s creative expertise.

Lift It Up is a delicious melody with a strong spiritual message. Lift It Up is from the albumInto Bloom. The track is led by a wonderful acoustic guitar strum and synth sounds. Ashley vocal performance in song is filled with enchantment and poetic expressions and symbolism. The song seems to recount an astral journey where Ashley is able to see differences between life on earth and that of the starry regions. Woven Green has put together a winner with an enthralling message.


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