Naagown's lyrical skill shines forth in Peace To Nations

Originally from Yaoundé, Cameroon, rapper and songwriter Naagown uses his musical expertise as a tool for building awareness globally for the causes of peace and justice. Inspired by the work of Peabo Bryson, Naagown began writing songs in 2007. However, since 2015 the lyrical craftsman has made some serious strides to release his first single, Peace to Nations.

Naagown’s lyrical skill shines forth in Peace To Nations

Peace To Nations is a brilliant song that deserves global attention. I got a chance to hear some of Naagown’s work after he contacted me about music. Not only did I find Peace To Nations’ rhythm and instrumentation impressive, Naagown’s verses on the track are brilliant. While the song is still being recorded, it did inspire a new Verse of the Month category on the Warlock Asylum International News Page, which is available for poets, rappers, songsters, and writers. Peace To Nations is captivating and inspirational. Below are the lyrics of Peace To Nations by Naagown:

We’ve got to work for a peaceful world
Together united to give our word
The police alone cannot withstand
Pressures received from hidden gangs
No one should say: “I do not care!”
For we are reachable targets anywhere
We’ve got to take a real challenge
Erase evil from within our range
They May be in a tundra Hidden in a delta Cities or Sahara
So we’ve got to network and get them wherever they are

Let’s team up and walk hand in hand
Moscow, Beijing, Rio, New Delhi,
Ndjamena, Yaounde, Malabo, Addis
Washington, London, Berlin, Paris
Pretoria, Abuja, Accra, Tripoli
And we’re gonna see how they leave our land
Where we’re gonna protect the ozone layer
Our hands and saws or industry fire
Will no more be guilty for the matter
For the CO2 that is rising up
Is a greater evil that will fall on us
We’ve got to move to Clean Energy
We refuse to see how the sea will rise and flood our country
So we’ve got to fight climate change unto the victory

We’ve got to bio-feed human beings
So we can be sure they use their wings
We should we provide good education
So we can be sure, there’s no delusion
That will take our youths to drug smoking,
To people shooting, to suicide bombing
We’ve got to care about all their land
So they cannot lack a place where to stand
And avoid to float
Over seas on a crappy boat
In search for welfare
Despite the waves and tide of warfare
It’s time to break away the threats
Mistaking people for useless pets
We’ve got to handle all the loans
And get to cancel all the groans
Cyclones of drones
And thrones of clones

by Naagown

3 thoughts on “Cameroon Poet and Rapper Naagown Creates Verse of The Month – Peace To Nations

  1. Wow what a beautiful verse that is!!! Well deserved to be called verse of the month and great to see that it created a new category for the blog. Looking forward to hear the song!

  2. Thank you Aru. As soon as the song is ready, you’ll have the link

  3. We need to join altogether and spread the good news of this song all over this world.

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