Based out of Vancouver, Canada, singer and songwriter Landon Trimble is a living testimony of how ambition plays a role in the creation of good music. Trimble overcame his limitation of nerve damage, which his ability to play acoustic instruments. Trimble was able to overcome this obstacle and reinvent himself as LegoHeads, a sonic one-man show of electro pop. His new single Headlights is a perfect demonstration of his maestro’s musical genius.


 Headlights is a brilliant tune. Draped in a bright electronic landscape, LegoHeads is able to offer a poetic journey about recovering from a broken heart. LegoHeads delivers an awesome vocal that works in gear with the song’s instrumentation. Headlights’ melody and song structure is extremely enchanting with its tantalizing keyboard riff. Headlights by LegoHeads is an instant ear-warmer for listeners that is both contemplative and refreshing.

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