Published author, singer, and songwriter Mutch Katsonga is known popularly by solo stage persona Indie Soull. Thus far, the youthful veteran of song has recorded several albums and performed in venues in North America, Europe, and Australia. His latest EP titled The Alive is a wonderful example of Indie Soull’s continuity as an artist.

The Alive EP consists of four tracks. Indie Soull breathes a rich organic sound and some amazing harmonies into the EP. The opening track Blue Reflections has an intense vibe that is warm and inviting, amazing dialogue between acoustic and electric guitars. Indie Soull’s spirited vocal delivery leaves room for everybody to jump onboard and sing along with the song’s hook.

Alive, the EP’s title track is an electrifying pop tune filled with some brilliant harmonies by Indie Soull. Alive continues where Blue Reflections left off as it brandishes a refreshing dose of homegrown instrumentation. Tearstorms comes with a different formula that works well with the theme of the EP. Meditations is the closing track and definitely one Indie Soull’s best songs.

The Alive EP by Indie Soull features some of the best songwriting that I’ve heard in a while. Listeners will find the sound delightful and a true treasure chest in music’s modern era.

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