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Light at the End by Scandic Tribe – An Album That Must Be Heard

It’s always refreshing to see the truly talented ascend to the world stage of music. Such is the case with Scandic Tribe. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, band members Morten G.P. and Thomas Økland have worked hard in cultivating a sound that music enthusiasts and rock purists will savor. Scandic Tribe’s chemistry is reinforced through principles of friendship, love, and respect that the duo holds dear. These same qualities prove to be the foundation of their debut album Light at the End.

Light at the End is an album that reveals Scandic Tribe’s inventiveness and sonic craftsmanship with eleven brilliant tracks. The album’s musical landscape is a merge between the classic rock’s witt coupled with modern progressive song structure. The icing on the cake is that Light at the End is concept album that is sure to take listeners on a journey not seen since the likes of Dark Side of the Moon. This is something that you do not want to miss!

Light at the End begins with an introduction that is as real as opening your front door to welcome visitors. The Intro turns out to be a brilliant spoken word piece with a hazy musical backdrop that get us to open up our ears and our minds. I have to really take my hat off to Scandic Tribe. Once I heard the intro, my interest in what followed was greatly kindled.

After a great album opener, we find ourselves drawn into Scandic Tribe’s world with a marvelous tune titled Dusty Sunrise, a song that on the conversation of our place in reality. The track exhibits a nice guitar lead with a heavy snare drum, all the etchings of true rock n’ roll. Only Time Will Heal follows and this dimension of Light at the End is a refreshing ear-opener. Only Time Will Heal shapes our perspective on survival in a not so perfect world. The guitar riffs echo a bluesy, but heavy rock swagger. This is one of my favorites.

Heaven, the album’s fourth track, borders a folk rock sound, but with a much harder edge. Visions of riding with the top down at the Mad Max celebrity bash enter the mind, as Heaven makes beer toasting the custom with its intense melody. Revolution of Confusion stands as one of best rock songs of the decade! The track’s structure comes from a chamber where alternating tempos and segments of the song serve as a guitarist’s paintbrush when approaching a symphonic mural of such proportions. Life is Good follows and I am convinced that the rewind button was especially made to enjoy the beauty of this song. Life is Good is inspirational in its anthem that “time will make you stronger.”

Light At The End, the album’s title track, initiates the brighter half of the album with messages of hope and survival. The track has a nice grassroots feel and a few surprises towards its conclusion. Angel comes next. This is a beautiful guitar-led instrumental. Well, the guitar speaks loudly and one listen to Angel is a revelation of what is being said. My Sweet Baby Valentine proves to be a joyous love song that is a strong reminder that there is love and that loves is an aid in our prosperity.

Approaching the last two tracks of the album, we begin with Heroes, a tribute to our fallen soldiers, police, family, and citizens who make it a priority to help other members of the human family. Musically, Heroes has a nice driving beat and bassline that provides free space for the guitar to roam where it needs to be. Sad Time II is the album’s concluding track and flosses a hopeful message of changing our world inside to see a better world outside. Its classic rock influence makes this tune’s message impactful and a spectacular conclusion to a great album.

Light at the End by Scandic Tribe is a true masterpiece. Its instrumentation, structure, and production are flawless. This is an album where listeners can walk away feeling refreshed and satisfied. Life at the End is modern classic that is not only entertaining, but provides us with a backdrop that facilitates a progressive society.


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