Illvi Mist is truly an inspiring artist that interprets life behind the scenes through song and prose. Not only is the music of this Swedish songstress progressively enchanting, but also many of Illvi Mist’s fans find her lyrics filled with symbolism that we all can draw comfort and hope. Illvi Mist’s poetic approach to her craft gives her music a scent of depth not readily seen among artists among our present generation. Illvi Mist’s new single Magnifying Us is sure to bring delight for lovers of ambient sound and popular music.


Magnifying Us is a beautiful demonstration of how Illvi Mist is able to use her voice as a tool for painting landscapes of sonic noir. The track is purely organic, which really works well with Illvi Mist’s bare all lyrics. She has a tremendous voice and is able to use her words to see through our souls. Magnifying Us works with the theme of troubled relationships. But even admits the darkness that looms over a broken heart Illvi Mist is able to draw a picture of determination, inspiration, and self-renewal as the only way out! Magnifying Us by Illvi Mist is a timeless masterpiece that is sure to heal a musically broken heart.

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