alternative rock bands

Spanish Orange by RGF Is A Winner!

As seasoned veterans of the rock genre, the legendary band RGF understands the importance of musical continuity and longevity. Consisting of band members Jzun (vocals), Scott Orsi (bass), Barry Engle (guitar), Adam Stringer (guitar), and Noah Jensen (drums), RGF has been captivating audiences for over twenty years with a distinct sound that flirts between the borders of classic and progressive rock styles. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, the group’s recent single Spanish Orange is a testimony of RGF’s inventiveness.

Musically, Spanish Orange possesses a sense of freedom that turns up the brighter side of the song’s meaning. Opening with a real funky guitar-heavy groove, which pushes a hazy cap on unopened notes, Spanish Orange is a melodious song that warms any listener’s ear. Simply put, this is rock music the way the western world likes it. Spanish Orange encourages us to think freely.

The video for Spanish Orange is brilliant. Everyone is peddling bicycles in monkey masks. Perhaps, we imitate primates more than what we think is this music video’s subtle message. The good thing about all of this is that whether we are human or primate, Spanish Orange is still a delicious rock track, one for the house and one for the road.

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