In allegiance to the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music stands Marco Connelli, who is popularly known as IL LeProtto. The Italian-based artist has received numerous accolades for his work in music production, including awards, 2012 Winner Remix Contest Billibong Records (Germany) and 2014 MTV Just Discovered ITALIA (Artist of the Week). Il LeProtto’s latest release Lira di Dio (Lyre of God in English) is an epic album that demonstrates the levels of intensity that Connelli is capable of reaching.

Lira di Dio is a brilliant album composed of musical landscapes that are dressed in dark overtones. IL LeProtto brings us on an otherworldly musical journey that is soulful in its undertakings. Some of the album’s compositions like Tova and Mavaff*k You are sure to warm the heart and the dance floor. Amazingly, the aggressiveness we find expressed in this Lira di Dio is often seen in other genres that demand such, like heavy metal. Take it for what it’s worth Lira di Dio is IL LeProtto’s masterpiece.

2 thoughts on “Lira di Dio by IL LeProtto: Electronic Music’s New Masterpiece

  1. Wow! That’s really a good album. It’s hard to pick a favorite because all the titles are awesome!!

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