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Killer by Collegians: Rock Music Has Just Gotten Better!

One of my favorite bands the Collegians are back with an awesome new single titled Killer from their album with the same name. Many of our regular readers will remember my review of the highly energetic track Black Mass by the Australian post-modern fab four back in December of 2017. During the meantime, the Collegians have made some serious strides on and off the stage. Recently, the group reached the finalist position in the U.S.A songwriting competition and secured not one but four finalist positions in the International Songwriting Competition representing Australia in the Rock genre with Aussie greats Birds Of Tokyo.

After the successful release of their first two tracks Vaccine and Black Mass, the Collegians remained focused on extending their hit parade with Killer. The song’s theme covers the topic of a relentless and unstoppable heartbreaking diva. Killer succeeds lyrically and musically, as the Collegians are able to put together another intense serving. Killer possesses a unique electro bassline and clever song structure. The track opens with some soft keys, which leads to a nice drop that sets up a terrific punch for the hook. Killer also displays some fine harmonies from the Collegians, which serves as the perfect blanket for what we in the western world call some good clean rock music.

Glenn Patrick (Singer), Gerry Leigh (Guitars), James Leigh (Bass, Keys), and Vince Leigh (Drums), the Collegians are proving themselves to be a pillar in the world of music. Killer has very witty lyrics, solid production, and an excellent vocal mechanism. At the very least, Killer is by far on of the best rock songs of the year.