Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the beloved alternative rock band known as Violet Nines shine their unique inventiveness upon the music world with the release of their new single titled Cloud 9.  Comprised of band members Andy Elmeer, Ben Cline, Veronica Fritsch, Nick Eagon, and O’Say, Violet Nines have crafted an electrifying fusion of rock, jazz, funk, and pop based on each individual member’s expertise resulting in a post-modern avant-garde experience.

Violet Nines’ new single Cloud 9 is off of the group’s EP of the same title. The track begins with a distinct drum pattern and a free-spirited melody that is accentuated by an incomparable bassline and keyboard measures. The track has a very strong organic vibe and moving rhythms. As the structure of Cloud 9 comes to the forefront, Veronica unleashes a spectacular vocal performance that certainly enhances the nostalgia and timelessness of the song. Cloud 9 has a hip groove that is sure to keep Violet Nines’ audience entranced in the splendor of the band’s soulful fragrance.


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