Back in September 2017, I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing My Metallic Dream by Cyborg Asylum. Known for their industrial rock sound, Cyborg Asylum’s distinct sound is in a class of its own. Cyborg Asylum is composed of members David Varga (producer/multi-instrumentalist) and John Tumminia (vocals/lyrics). The New York City-based duo has worked in creating some of the finest music of their genre. Cyborg Asylum’s latest single Paradigm Shift is s testimony of the group’s inventiveness.

Paradigm Shift is a single off of Cyborg Asylum’s album Never Finished, Only Abandoned. Paradigm Shift has a driving beat that proves to be the force behind the track’s industrial landscape. The keyboards and bass add an etheric and enchanting sound to the overall quality of the song. Paradigm Shift comes with a message about the survival and remedy of the human family’s problems, which is captivated in the music video for the song. Cyborg Asylum has created a cinematic episode of prose and rhythm with Paradigm Shift.

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