Terry Milla endeavors to make music that people can feel. It is within the veins of this same ambition that the Atlanta based hip-hop recording artist has developed a sound that appeals to both older and younger devotees of the rap music genre. Known formerly under such pseudonyms as Mr. E and Long Shott, Terry Milla aka Milla-Terry has been able to use his expertise in business in promoting himself as an artist and thus gaining a musical career. Terry Milla has written jingles for HBO, FUBU, and the Star & Buckwild Morning Show (formerly on HOT 97.5 New York), and has written songs that were placed on True Blood (HBO), Sleeping Dogs (PlayStation/XBox), The Gardener (Movie), and Switched at Birth (TV). His latest single It’s Bangindo from the new album, A Prince In Peasant’s Clothes, stands as an imperative witness of Terry Milla’s musical ingenuity and talent.

It’s Bangindo has all the ingredients of classic hip-hop suitable for the post-modern era. Musically, It’s Bangido’s production is above par. The track is composed of flavorful piano riffs with a keyboard fill that adds to the street atmosphere of its musical landscape. Coupled with a fierce drum pattern and the backing vocals of songstress Flossy Mae, Terry Milla easily shows off all the lyrical gratuities that come with being a veteran rapper. His flow is impeccable. It’s Bangindo brandishes a theme of giving the people the say in choosing what’s hot and what’s not in the manner of how hip-hop music originally started. It’s Bangindo by Terry Milla is the rap jewel that missionaries of the culture have long awaited.

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