Wafubeh! I would like to thank everyone for their purchase of Buddhanomicon: Secrets of the Simon Necronomicon Unveiled Through The Art of Ninzuwu. I wanted to share some of the book’s features that readers may not know in regards to its coming into being. Below are a few facts about the BuddhaNomicon that you will enjoy.

1-The BuddhaNomicon was inspired by Charles Smith. The BuddhaNomicon was not a project that was initiated by me, but Charles Smith. One evening, Charles suggested that I work on a text that explained in practical terms how the Art of Ninzuwu worked. I wasn’t planning on writing a book. However, I realized that I was behind this year’s quota. My quota as a writer is similar to the Beatles recording contract, which was two albums a year, along with two singles until the group’s retirement. It is the same with my writing since the inception of Ninzuwu, two books a year and a host of articles until the system is mapped on in its entirety. The last texts on the Art of Ninzuwu /Necronomicon Tradition are due upon the completion of 2018.

The writing styles of the books purposely have limited editing. This is done to stimulate a more organic feel of the work and act as a personal letter between the reader and myself. The BuddhaNomicon was probably the longest that I’ve worked on a book, as my personal life has evolved to include a family. Additionally, I have a new job that requires more attention than my previous line of employment. Normally, a book takes three to four months to complete, as the information is given to me from the world of the jinn by way of epiphany and visions. So I receive the text in its totality and then separate the wheat from the chaff by confirming and comparing the information with references. This process of writing is what fueled most of the articles when this blog was centered entirely on the Simon Necronomicon. In this case, the BuddhaNomicon took about a year to finish, almost twice the amount of time it normally takes to produce a Warlock Asylum text. Most of this was largely due to the differences in the Simon Necronomicon’s energy versus the Art of Ninzuwu.

I hadn’t planned on writing a book about the Simon Necronomicon. However, I wanted to delve deep into the history of Ninzuwu’s origins, a spiritual practiced that developed after my initiation into the Necronomicon Tradition and Esoteric Shinto. Writing the BuddhaNomicon was also a good way for me to come to grips with a path that was dear to me in prior years.


2-Book Cover Art. I am sure that George Mattison would be happy to know that the original cover for the BuddhaNomicon was initially patterned after Only Built 4 Cuban Linx by Raekwon the Chef, but the artist couldn’t deliver in time. The original image was to have a pregnant melanated women in Buddhist garb with flowing locks. Behind her, standing in the same position that Ghostface Killah is seen on Raekwon’s album, was an alien behind the woman dressed in Buddhist garb.

The artist couldn’t complete the work in time, due to personal complications. Fortunately, I found an artist from India who was able to finish the present in forty-eight hours. Personally, I am of the opinion that the BuddhaNomicon is the best book among texts covering the topic of the Simon Necronomicon. It looked and felt so natural.


3-Nightcaller’s (Dumu Abzua) portion of the book is missing. When the BuddhaNomicon was completed, its total page count was and is 262 pages, symbolic of the 262 days in a Venusian year.  The BuddhaNomicon was supposed to come with the true Sumerian working formulas that the Simon Necronomicon symbolically represents. This would have led to the book being over 500 pages long. Instead, it was decided that another book would be published in completing the Art of Ninzuwu/Necronomicon Tradition’s teachings. The only part of Nightcaller’s work that made the new book was his notes on gematria.

4-The unique layout and design that didn’t make the press. Aside from the information, I try to give readers something special and distinct with each book, like The Marie Laveau Corpus Text’s black pages. Initially, BuddhaNomicon was supposed to have a unique design. The index was going to be in the center of the book. The front part of the book would appear normal until the index in the center was reached. The rear section of the book was to be read back to front until one reached the index in the center.

There are a lot of noted still left to explore about the BuddhaNomicon. It is definitely a game-changer when it comes to the topic of the Simon Necronomicon and Art of Ninzuwu. It may prove to be one step in the process of building a bridge when it comes to these paths. This is something that may be in the works with the last book set for release later this year.

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