Men find magical women the most attraxtive

There is certainly something sexy about a magical woman who used to climb barb-wired fences, played sports on occasion and is still polite enough to send you a text message of gratitude in the morning for last night’s “polishing” (see definition of the term cunnilingus). From Angelina Jolie to Beyoncé, more and more hoodoo woman are coming out of the closet with star-studded acts of humanitarianism, added features of tomboy sensuality, and menstrual blood pastries. The material girl’s tonight show has been thrown out with a bucket of bath water that men refuse to use in their pick-up lines. Nowadays, guys are interested in finding witches for wifey a new study conducted by Warlock Asylum International News reveals.

Men find magical women with swag the most attractive

Emo girls are cool. However, some men claim that once you’re inside them they start acting like spoiled brats who don’t know the meaning of pain. Pinching you in all the wrong places with a blank stare to see if it hurt or not. Out of the twenty men interviewed, all of them expressed interest in seriously dating a woman who has strong spiritualist ties. Several of them even said that magical women are still symbols of a powerful woman despite living in a male-dominated society where strict monotheism is present.

Magical women value intelligence as a part of romance and sexuality. Out of the twenty women that were interviewed, nine of them that were involved in occult studies unanimously agreed that a certain section of their vagina is notably larger than average size. The remaining eleven women stated that the private parts were normal size. Ironically, each of the magical women surveyed are involved in kundalini cultivation. Hoodoo women are the truth behind what rules the world.

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