Kingkween has expanded their repertoire of musical expertise with the release of the single Sex. Comprised of group members Katie Mulholland (lead vocalist), Captain Hitz (keyboards, vocals), and Rob Steadman (drums, vocals), Kingkween’s uncompromising sound is refreshingly contagious and inspirational. The New York City-based alternative pop band takes no shorts in the perfection and craftsmanship of their melodious gift, each member being a veteran in their role while nurturing a new beginning as a trio.

Sex by Kinkween is a winner!


Sex is a robust tune off of Kingkween’s tantalizing Future Past album. The song has a moving rhythm that flirts with elements of electro-funk while still remaining rooted in the landscape of alternative rock. If you’ve never heard Katie Mulholland’s voice before then you’re in for a real treat as her performance in the song is the bridge that puts Sex in the hands of Kingkween’s audience. With Captain Hitz and Rob Steadman at the helm of the track’s instrumentation, it couldn’t get any better than this. Thankfully, Sex by Kingkween is all that it can be and so much more!

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