When it comes to musical ambition it doesn’t get better than Daquarius Lett a.k.a. The Godfada from Columbus, Georgia. Being inspired by rap legends such as Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, and other lyrical innovators of urban music, Godfada set his aims on making his mark in the world of Hip Hop as a rapper, producer, and future business mogul. Godfada began perfecting his craft as a rapper from 1st grade. After starting several groups in his youth, Godfada decided to take the solo route as he notably always stood out as a leader in the projects he worked on and was admired by his friends as such, spawning the pseudonym Godfada. His expertise as an artist is exemplified in his latest single I Be Lieing.

I Be Lieing is a real but gritty trip down memory lane for Godfada and describes how he was able to overcome his pain as a youth. I Be Lieing is a real story that many of us can find resemblance when looking into the mirror crafted by Godfada’s lyrics. I Be Lieing is built upon a dark and hazy landscape that perfectly compliments the song’s theme with a well-cooked beat and hypnotic keyboard riffs. The music is crisp and facilitates the perfect stage for Godfada’s flow, whose presence is strongly felt. I Be Lieing by The Godfada is a well-versed truth for many of America’s youth.

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