Is your O.G. going through a midlife crisis?

How often do you see an O.G. dressed in Hasidic Delancey Street attire on the hottest day of the year trying to flag down some young damsel in distress with pick-up lines that promise her salvation from Trump’s America? Well, after the recent controversy surrounding a Quincy Jones’ interview, Millennials are questioning the faith that they put into the wisdom of previous generations especially if an O.G. is showing signs of having a midlife crisis.

Is your O.G. going through a midlife crisis?

Warning Signs of an O.G. Going Through A Midlife Crisis

Sagging Over The Age of Forty. Generation X are noted pioneers of the blunts and brew era. While it may have been enjoyable during our youth, such habits make it harder to cope with a midlife crisis in later years. One telltale sign that your O.G. might be experiencing a stroke of age is his need to feel young again in the wrong way.

Of course, it is natural for all of us to try to preserve our youth, our manhood. However, when we try to imitate a generation’s expression of rebellion that is two decades younger than our own, we remain in the wrong lane. Sagging over forty is a game that goes along with being too old in the club.

Feeling The Need To Live On the Edge. Everyone is trying to enjoy their life the best that they can. However, as an O.G. begins to creep into a midlife crisis, the need to get the most out of life before “something happens” begins to thwart his every action. It’s easier to deal with when you have family and friends behind. But in some cases, these symptoms will spur an O.G. to end lifelong relationships for the younger crowd in an effort to stay relevant.

The Need To Overdo Everything. People going through a midlife crisis can be edgy in the worst ways. Although this behavior may seem predictable, it usually translates as an over-fussiness for the recipient. Coupled by the need to be extra loud, the extra life of the party, and extra visibly entertaining, an O.G. going through a midlife crisis will seek to gain street credibility over future investments.

Useful Tips To Help An O.G. During A Midlife Crisis

  • Remind him that each generation is a congregation unto its own and that his wisdom gained in life can be utilized in helping and teaching others.
  • Encourage him to exercise and try a diet that best suits his physical needs.
  • Let him know that he is loved for who he is and the help he has given others.
We love all the O.G.s who put their lives on the line for their families and friends, and more importantly the children they have saved, Never think that your life’s contribution has gone to waste. Instead, we find more young people in college and becoming entrepreneurs, Although you may be a rare breed, life always remembers you.

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