On Loop by Brandon Wolf Hill - featuring Sciamachy and Indigoskyline

Hailing from Maple Grove, Minnesota, producer extraordinaire, rap artist, and entrepreneur Austin James Smith a.k.a Brandon Wolf Hill is an exceptional creative genius with a sense of inventiveness that is truly inspirational. Brandon Wolf Hill’s music career began in 2016. Nearly two years later, his musical track record is impeccable. After having released several albums and numerous singles, Brandon Wolf Hill is a force to reckon with in rap’s underworld. As the inventor of queer funk, Brandon Wolf Hill weaves a recipe of both sarcasm and social commentary into a melodious cuisine. Brandon Wolf Hill’s new single titled On Loop featuring Sciamachy and Indigoskyline demonstrates the musical ingenuity behind his craftsmanship.

On Loop by Brandon Wolf Hill – featuring Sciamachy and Indigoskyline

As a single off the XXX album, On Loop is a song and a sign for the times. Brandon Wolf Hill’s daring artistry takes this symphonic gem to the next level. The track’s production is superb in quality and original instrumentation. On Loop begins with a ferocious keyboard riff that carries the proverbial weight of Brandon Wolf Hill’s wittiness along with the expertise of special guests Sciamachy and Indigoskyline.

On Loop drops a timely theme about the inconsistencies of American life and how our inner child is affected against the grains of turmoil occurring in the phenomenal world. Brandon Wolf Hill put a few political references in the song including a 9/11 reference in the verse, which is artistically tasteful though still a bold move nonetheless. The overall vibe of On Loop is inspiring and exemplifies the pen and pad readiness of one of Hip-Hop’s finest soldiers.



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