The first time I heard Ben Green I knew that this was an artist with a special gift, one that could cause a shift for the better in the music industry. Ironically, I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing Green’s debut single titled Change Up. Based out of Venice, California, Green developed skills as a rap lyricist during his adolescent years. Today, he totes an impeccable flow backed by above the rim production that is fortunately not going unnoticed. The video for his debut single Change Up reached several thousand views in just two or three days. Green’s thirst and love for music isn’t going to stop with just one record. His newest release High Notes is hotter than the sky and reveals Green’s versatility.

High Notes is a rap love song. Ben Green has a knack for giving his listeners a lens of focus where they can see the beauty in everyday life. That’s 100% real. Refreshingly, High Notes offers Green the opportunity to demonstrate a different flow than on his debut record with an unprecedented intensity and lyrical inventiveness. High Notes has a steady groove draped in bright keyboard hints and piano riffs with a bassline that gives the track that much-needed hip-hop punch. Green has a clear and concise flow, which pervades every corner of this lavish beat. The reality check that Ben Green provides is in delivering a love rap that is not sleazy or food for the male ego. Instead, we find Green’s impressive lyricism opening the door for women who are most beautiful “with no makeup on”. High Notes by Ben Green came just in time but is never too late for love.

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