Hailing from Glasgow, UK is an outstanding production team named ToffoBean. Comprised of members Dougie McAuley and Phil O’Shea, ToffoBean draws upon elements of lounge, jazz, and hip-hop influences in the creation of their inspiring work. Their latest offering titled Afternoon’s in a Warm Embrace and consists of twelve beautifully arranged tracks. The album was released by Rubber Taxi Records and is available at most digital outlets to date. Below is a review of the album and a discussion surrounding its musical ingenuity.

01 Dust to Deity is Afternoon’s in a Warm Embrace’s opening track and truly a gateway to this remarkable piece of work. Dust to Deity is acoustically warm in its presentation and brings to life a perfect balance between jazz and hip-hop music. The track has a very moving landscape founded primarily by its steady groove with hip-hop percussion in good taste. These elements of instrumentation provide a solid platform for jazz guitarist Jim Burns to begin his dialogue of rhythm.

02 The quality of ToffoBean’s production reaches unexpected heights with the track Abide in the Heart. The composition’s structure is refreshing and equally impressive. More of a slow-tempo piece, it’s flavorful piano keys and a sense of immortality to this song’s sense of being that is impeccable.

03 You always want what you can’t have is a parlor beauty of funky jazz. Very catchy rhythm with a brilliant bassline taking the lead, You always want what you can’t have exceeded expectations of genre and is further enhanced by some charming female vocals that and the essential spice to a perfect meal.

04 Featuring an enchanting flute and strong keyboard elements, Nico’s Beat makes for a fierce track. Nico’s Beat is a really cool groove that adds a melodious sophistication to any atmosphere.

05 Let’s Get Lost is bursting at the seams with all the musical ingredients for an easy ride romantic track. This tune’s tapestry smells like a freshly cultivated Japanese garden in stride with smooth jazz. The vocals are transcending and tasteful.

06 ToffoBean’s uncanny approach to production gives Afternoon’s in a Warm Embrace strong continuity. The track Need You is a perfect example of this principle. Need You’s soulful instrumentation, led by some amazing keyboard and atmospheric elements, makes this bright song inspirational.

07 Peace Like That offers some appetizers for hip-hop purists with a grassroots rap song that is an incredible and somewhat autobiographical search for peace as an emcee.

08 Blue Noir is an entertaining organic composition that stands out as one of the album’s most inventive tracks. Blue Noir takes an experimental path to a melody that is mysteriously charming. This effect is made real with a clever use piano and string sounds that are instantly a favorite.

09 Kirchwasser turns things up a notch. The track has a bright demeanor that is celebrated and fulfilling. The composition’s structure is very easy to follow and refreshing

10 Moon Tan possesses cerebral landscape, which is captivating and refreshing. As a song full of nighttime bliss, we get the treats of Asian sounds on the jazz horizon.

11 Another feature that I enjoyed about this album is ToffoBean’s indispensable knack of using a wide array of sounds and instruments in their production, especially in terms of percussion. Hold onto this feeling is a relaxing tune that is filled with imaginative rhythms backed by a tranquil setting.

12 The Orange Grove is an upbeat treasure chest of soul that perfectly concludes this masterpiece. The song is further enhanced by its soulful female vocalization.

Afternoon’s in a Warm Embrace by ToffoBean is a masterpiece! This album perfectly captures the fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and elements of soul music. Not only is this an impressive work for all the right reasons, but also sets a precedent in the field of musical expression. Thank you ToffoBean for this great expression of musical genius.

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