The American-based jazz collective Groove 8 is back with the incredible sounds of RPM, Volume 1. This intoxicating EP is comprised of four mouthwatering tracks filled with Groove 8’s inspirational genius. Groove 8 began in North Carolina in 2005 with a collection of the city’s best independent jazz musicians collaborating together. While this ensemble of music veterans focused mainly on the college community, the rich sound of their music caught wildfire among music enthusiasts. Since this time Groove 8 has released several projects which include RARE B-SIDE GROOVES (2007), DEBUT, and CURIOUS POSES (2012) just to mention a few.

Groove 8’s latest offering RPM is a masterful work that is both refreshingly original and reminiscent of many of the soulful jazz classics that saw the light of day in the 1970’s. Beginning with its opening composition Time For The Rhythm, accolades of good music make for a fulfilling meal in this melodious smorgasbord. Other delights like Pulse and Diminished are soulful, funky, and inspiring pieces that brandish some of the best brass skits in music. From start to finish, the quality of RPM’s servings puts Groove 8 behind the steering wheel of a “must have” jazz album.

RPM on Bandcamp

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