Radius Funk is a gifted trio of musical veterans from the San Francisco Bay area. Band members Brett (guitars), Rigs (bass), and Tommy (drums) has procured a unique and sophisticated sound, which is largely due Radius Funk’s multi-genre capability. The group is a self-described ambient, jazz, progressive funk, and rock band. Radius Funk’s latest recording titled Ultraviolet Voodoo fully captures the group’s versatility and stature.

Ultraviolet Voodoo is comprised of nine incredible tracks that display the group’s taste for smooth and soulful grooves founded upon a jazz-infused background. The album opens with Booze Mop, a tune that flirts with the worlds of funk and psychedelic rock. Booze Mop’s guitar dialogue is both charming and also sets the tone for the depth and structure of the album’s persona. Every track on Ultraviolet Voodoo is a winner! One of the album’s features that sit in the foreground of this album’s musical landscape is the free-spirited motion of Radius Funk’s instrumentation, which makes every track feel like a path unto itself. Ultraviolet Voodoo is a timeless classic and must have for the “we love good music” crowd. While this album is filled with musical gems, some of my favorites include Hula Girl, Luck of the Night, and Bliss Rider. Ultraviolet Voodoo by Radius Funk is an unforgettable journey into the mystical worlds of melody.

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