The rich sounds of Tokyo-born Los Angeles based composer, vocalist, and a multi-instrumentalist Rayko are eloquently expressed in her latest offering titled Stay Alive. Rayko is an amazing musical artist with a lifelong passion for melody. Her range as a composer is limitless and often incorporates elements of pop, metal, death metal, opera, classical, and jazz. Rayko’s musical talents are well-respected by fellow veterans of the craft, as evidenced by her collaborative efforts.

Rayko’s new single Stay Alive is an enthralling offering that also features the expertise of author and musician Robert Biehn. Respectfully, the theme of Stay Alive revolves around suicide prevention and is also a spinoff from a documentary on the subject that unveils the brilliant insights of suicide prevention specialist Mark Goulston, suicide survivor Kevin Hines, and suicide prevention advocate Rayko.

Stay Alive’s integral message is coupled with an equally compelling musical composition that truly warms the heart. The track opens with a lovely mid-tempo keyboard riff and an attractive piano measure, which merge into a handsome dialogue of instrumentation resembling the words of encouragement that are amplified in the poetic lyrics of the song that Rayko and Robert Biehn perform wonderfully. The music is soothing as the track effectively spells out its message with harmony and compassion. Stay Alive by Rayko and Robert Biehn is truly an epic jewel.

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