Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the band Infinity is proving to be a conduit of the progressive attitudes of the thrash rock genre. Consisting of members Ryan Howie (Vocals/Guitar), Ricky Sobel (Lead Guitar), Michael Cunningham (Bass), and Bobby Jeffers (Drums), Infinity has bridged a generation gap with a sound that echoes the brilliance of classic rock while embracing ideals of the postmodern era. The group’s new album titled The Beginning of the End is a sonic testimonial of Infinity’s musical genius.

The Beginning of the End is composed of ten songs. The album begins with the sinister track What Was – And What Will Be, which certainly validates Infinity’s knack for creativity. The tune proves to be the perfect teaser that acts as a terrific album opener. Infinity’s inventive energy spills over into the masterful song titled Prepare For Attack. The intensity of the songs that follow, coupled with great guitar riffs and leads, alongside some tremendous drumming, are bound to make listeners feel like The Beginning of the End album is a front seat ticket to a hardcore rock concert with additional trimmings of psychedelic showmanship.

The Beginning of the End offers no disappointments! The album’s continuity and depth are quite impressive. Infinity’s raw talent comes to the forefront with their skilled display of thrash craftsmanship that is so highly warranted by today’s rock purist. Songs like Stranger Within, Revival, and the album’s monstrous title track, keep this optimistic, yet rugged journey, a flashpoint in the minds of music enthusiasts. We get it! The Beginning of the End by Infinity heralds a new era in a blatant underground art form.

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