Born in Venezuela and raised in New York, the artistic genius of Martin Del Carpio has lent a hand to expressions of his expertise that can be found in areas of film, music, photography, and writing. Popularly sought after for his work as a composer and musician, M. Del Carpio is always seeking new ways to the craftsmanship of his sound. His recent album titled Involution has received numerous accolades and demonstrates M. Del Carpio’s musical capabilities.

Involution is a concept album, one that embraces the recent passing of M. Del Carpio’s mother. The emotional turbulence and mental perplexities inspired by this tragic loss and can be felt throughout the album. On a brighter note, we also feel a great healing through M. Del Carpio’s search for answers and the meaning of life that is clearly evident from this great body of work that he has produced.

Involution opens with an Involution Intro track that is experimental in its structure and execution but is greatly inspiring and hopeful for what is to follow. A sense of loss can be ascertained from the first half of the album’s minimalist and dark approach. This mood continues until we reach a crossroads of sound in the track Alma, which transforms the ghostly essence of otherworldliness into something cerebral. The spoken word performance on Alma is compelling. The subject of prayer is captured halfway through the album on tracks like Camera Obscura and Say A Prayer.

Martin Del Carpio striving into the realm of ancestral reverence take shape in the latter half of Involution. Beginning with the mysterious composition Witchery, M. Del Carpio’s symphonic rites of ascension come to life in November (Black Rose), a very heartwarming piece that is full of promise. November (Black Rose) allows listeners to really appreciate M. Del Carpio’s vocal performance in song. A brilliant keyboard riff, drums, and sincere voice lead the track. Involution concludes with the masterful track Ashes.

Involution is a timeless work that builds its foundation of the pillars of life. This album also procures appreciation for those who came before us. Martin Del Carpio has created something incredible and a work that represents us all here on the earthly plane, as we anticipate answers in the life beyond.

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