Christian music

G Code by Pelle Price

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, the multi-talented Pelle Price is a very unique artist that stands apart from the diploma mill of materialistic jingle ambassadors that permeate throughout the music industry. Instead, we find an artist of substance in Pelle Price, one whose music is led by his faith and not by sight. Pelle has a rich musical career that took flight in 2004. Since this time, the musician, poet, singer, and songwriter has worked hard in the perfection of his craft and has done some tremendous work musically while keeping a love for God and Christ at the forefront of his career. Pelle’s signature recipe and remarkable sound is developed by merging elements of pop, hip-hop, and R&B into a tasty symphonic dish. Pelle’s latest single G Code is a living testimony of the strength that sincerity adds to any musical composition.

G Code is an energetic track that reveals Pelle Price’s skills as a lyricist. G Code is a Christian Rap/R&B record with a very impressive performance by Pelle. Musically, G Code fits into an apocalyptic soul category. It’s a warm tune with a lot of bounce. Pelle Price takes full advantage of this rhythmic platform for the glory of keeping God above all else. It’s really refreshing to hear a meaningful rap song that promotes good morals and spiritual concepts. G Code by Pelle Price is something needed for the world of music and our souls.

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