Heralded as one of Seattle’s premiere bands, Custom brings a stupendous boost to the longevity of rock music. Consisting of members David Lyon (lead vocals), Corey Petro (guitars), Scott Bickham (guitars & vocals), Paul Yarnold (bass & vocals), and Brian Cochran (drums), Custom has been in it to win it for over twelve years. These musical veterans are on the brink of releasing their new album entitled Brace For Impact. This monumental brewery of raw talent and perky genius recently expanded their family with the addition of world-renowned vocalist David Lyon, which sets the stage for a new chapter in Custom’s history.

Brace For Impact is composed of seven tracks and remains consistent in its quality and structural execution of rock euphoria. The newly Customized David Lyon melts lavishly with the sonic horizons set forth in Brace For Impact with an incredible vocal lead that adds another dimension to the band’s anatomy. Luckily, I had a chance to listen to the new project. Check out the track by track review for Brace For Impact.

1-No Regrets: This is a tremendous track and a delicious banquet for rock music purists. The song’s theme is something that everyone can enjoy, namely, remembering good times with old friends. The heavy guitar landscape and vocal harmony make No Regrets the rocket fuel behind the Brace For Impact album takeoff.

2-Drugstore Prophet: Filled with the lovely melodies of unorthodox guitar riffs, Drugstore Prophet’s message, and brilliant song structure easily make this tune an album favorite. Custom delivers some powerful wise words in citing the twisted realities of the religion of drugs, be it pharmaceutical or acquired on the black market. David Lyon provides an awesome lead vocal that works as a compliment to Drugstore Prophet’s inventive free space. The landscape of the track is seemingly dark with a hazy overtone that sits the listener in a timeless space. The drumming is sharp and is coupled by a fierce guitar lead. Drugstore Prophet certainly reveals how anchored Custom is as a band.

3-Lonely Girl: Some of the best lyricism I’ve heard in quite some time. This song reads like a haunting novel. Lonely Girl is about a woman who is depressed and has given up on love despite the efforts of a nearby admirer to rejuvenate her thirst for living. The musical backdrop of Lonely Girl is equally intense and warm enough to brand the song’s lyrics into the listener’s memory.

4-Love Of Rock: Custom’s organic sound keeps them in a class by themselves. Love of Rock is a perfect example of the band’s astute creativity. Custom is able to reinvent the wheel of classic rock by turning its core structure into something progressive. Love of Rock is an electric guitar gem and party favorite.

5-15 To Life is about some of the challenges faced by adolescents during puberty. The song’s structure is made rich with elements from the blues, folk, and pop musical genres. Custom offers a nice break and guitar solo in the middle of the song. 15 To Life has an attractive rhythm that adds to Brace For Impact’s continuity.

Custom’s new album Brace For Impact is a game changer.

6-On Me: Custom offers one of its best productions with On Me. The band kicks off this freestyle rock symphony of high energy in a heavy jam session that luckily was captured on wax. No, this isn’t a recording of a live performance per se, it’s just that Custom’s creativity is mind-blowing. On Me reminds me of the depth put into psychedelic rock during the late-60’s with a modern twist. Fortunately, the awe-inspiring rock extravaganza is the first single off of the Brace For Impact album and can be downloaded at the end of this article.

7-Farther Faster Higher: Custom concludes the Brace For Impact musical journey with something fun, energetic, and adventurous. Farther Faster Higher is about maximizing one’s life experience over a kick-ass rock track. I love the opening guitar solo on this track and much of the harmonies that David Lyon takes lead in accomplishing.

Brace For Impact by Custom is the magnum opus of today’s indie rock sound. Not only did I find Custom’s work endearing, but refreshing and practical. Custom displays their depth as a band through sincerity and an all-encompassing work effort that has made Brace For Impact a new lifestyle.

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