Unbreakable by Dee Hemingway


Unbreakable by Dee Hemingway – A Stroke of Charm

Currently based out of Sacramento, California, artist, activist, humanitarian, singer, songwriter, and powerful soultress Dee Hemingway is a euphonic pilgrim of blues, rock, and soul music genres. Hemingway’s earthshattering voice is her tool of choice upon which she brands electrifying messages of inspiration on the consciousness of music lovers worldwide. After years spent in developing a melodic vibration, the mistress of chorale is often beseeched for her wisdom and practical insights about life.

In 2018, Dee Hemingway reemerges with the prayerful tune entitled Unbreakable. Hemingway draws out the elephant in the room with an insightful song that places our attention on many of the social issues affecting our ‘great’ nation and the world in general. Questioning the dexterity of American citizenry, Hemingway raises some important questions regarding our freedoms and just human society’s basic needs of love, to be loved, and securing an environment that makes it possible for us to love ourselves. Dee Hemingway makes Unbreakable memorable with a tremendous vocal performance that scratches deep beneath our heartfelt contentions with every tooth and nail of her being. Musically, Unbreakable’s catchy rhythm and rock overtones keep us charmed and open to a new point of view. Unbreakable by Dee Hemingway is a soulful communion that the human family needs to make with itself and our universe.

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