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Athletes by The Mystic Underground

Based in Brooklyn, New York, The Mystic Underground have developed a remarkable sound and use their rhythmic genius as a healing mechanism for the disenfranchised, providing a beacon of inspiration for the oppressed of heart.  The chemistry between band members Benedetto Socci (production/keyboards) and Vladimir Valette (vocals/lyrics) is the fuel behind this songwriting team’s genius and group signature of electronic pop music contained under The Mystic Underground’s banner. Their new single Athletes epitomizes the group’s brilliance and personality.

Athletes is a dynamic tune that draws off of the progressive elements of electro, funk, and synth pop. Vladimir Valette provides an awesome vocal that is tastefully reminiscent of David Bowie. Benedette Socci created an enchanting landscape of sound made whole with a towering drum pattern and accompanying keyboards. Daniel Cousins offers guest guitar rhythms that adds to the track’s lucidity. Athletes has a nice promotional video that effectively captures the exhilarating mood that the song advocates. Athletes by The Mystic Underground is a multiple scoring  festive victory!