Alternative rock sensation Tough On Fridays returns to the musical arena with an electrifying single entitled Open My Mind. Tough On Fridays is a spirited rock duo comprised of members Caleigh (guitar) and Katie (bass). The group is based out of Georgetown, Texas, and has procured a very innovative and inspiring sound. Back in March of 2019, I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing their song Summer. As their name implies, Tough On Fridays take pride in their craft and possess the work ethic needed to meet the challenges that must be overcome in pursuit of their goals. Open My Mind is a perfect example of the group’s creative drive.

Open My Mind is a track off of Tough On Fridays’ recent EP titled Lost & Found. Open My Mind wastes no time in building up its rock purists’ synergy with an electric guitar landscape that is bound to grab your attention. The lead vocals and harmonizations are excelling. The track’s lyrics seem are introspective and somewhat analytical, but endear many of the thoughts, desires, and insecurities that we all face in this society. Open My Mind by Tough On Fridays is as real as they come.


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