After taking off my headphones all I can say is wow! Hailing from the Bay Area, California, singer and songwriter Celiane The Voice brandishes an electrifying breed of song that is both nostalgic and heartwarming. Innovatively fearless, Celiane weaves a tapestry of electronica, hip-hop, R&B, soul and various other musical styles into an operatic melting pot of her own. The passion and love she has for music is epitomized in her latest single Why Can’t You?

Produced by Bill Williams, Why Can’t You immediately grabs our attention with above par production and Celiane’s powerful voice. Why Can’t You is a progressive pop tune that builds its foundation from elements of soul music and sprinkling hints of electronica that can be heard in its drum programming and song structure. Still, Why Can’t You possesses a smooth demeanor that bridges the gap between generations and can be appreciated by all. What I find most uplifting about Why Can’t You is Celiane’s vocals. Celiane The Voice is a pure songstress. While her enchanting chorale is filled with warmth and a familiar charm, Celiane’s vocal tone and range unmistakably places her on the path of becoming a household name.

Respectfully, Why Can’t You carries the theme of romantic love into worlds beyond our own. The song describes in first person the struggle that sometimes couples face in just being on the same page. Why Can’t You also comes with a brilliant lyric video that is able to embody the moods and message of the song. Overall, Why Can’t You proves to by an imperative statement that describes Celiane The Voice’s musical genius!

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